Examination Couch

Examination Couch

  • Dimensions:1800mm*600mm*750mm
  • The couch is constructed in a way that considers the appearance aspect,in addition to the highest level of comfort for the patient
  • Made of the finest materials to bear heavy use without any hindering
  • Has nickel chrome legs that are antirust,and easily sanitized to guarantee longer life span
  • Accompanied by paper roll holder
  • Full control over the angle of the head area for high level of comfort and ease of examination
  • High-density sponge mattress,coated with leather is accompanied by the bed.

Medica-Lab Egypt, a landmark in the field of Medical Equipment trade and industry. We are specialized in manufacturing Hospital Furniture and Mortuary Refrigerators. Our vision is full coverage of the needs of medical field practitioners all over the region and beyond.

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We are Medicalab. We are currently a landmark in the field of Medical Equipment trade and industry in Egypt.
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